For foreign students

Language course for Erasmus+ students 2021/2022

English, German, Russian, Polish

  • The courses are NOT obligatory
  • Erasmus students join the already existing English/Russian/ German groups together with Polish students
  • The most popular group level B 2 (there are no beginner courses)
  • The course is a mix of specialist language and the elements of general language
  • Classes take place every week 90 minutes

Send an email with:
name / surname / semester / chosen language
I would like to join a language course
John/Smith /Faculty of Animal Breeding /3rd semester /English

Faculty Send your email to:

Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering

Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Ms. Marlena Stalkowska

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture

Faculty of Telecommunications, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology

Ms. Małgorzata Borowska

Faculty of Management

Ms. Joanna Górzyńska

In response, you will get an email with names of groups you can join and contact details of their teachers.

  1. All Erasmus students are asked to contact their English faculty coordinator
  2. English faculty coordinators will direct Erasmus students to English teachers in a given group.
  3. All Erasmus students are asked to inform their English teachers (via e mail or Teams) 2 days before their English class if they are going to attend it or not. It is important for their English teachers to know how many copies they are supposed to prepare for their students.
  4. We request a B1/B2 language skills level; there are no groups for beginners.
  5. Students are required to attend the classes regularly.

If you are interested in a Polish language course for beginners , please contact

Ms. Agnieszka Kwiatkowska


We offer 2 types of courses and we need to check which one you qualify for. They start in November

  • PBS Language Club offers space for discussion, games and other forms of communication.
  • It promotes the use of English for mutual understanding and fun.
  • We meet roughly once a month.
  • To join and find out about our next meeting, go to our Facebook page.